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vellum cloth problem


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probably thickness (pscale) on your cloth or collider or both

on your Vellum Cloth you can check Visualize Thickness to see (or also on Vellum Solver in Visualize tab)

if that one seems ok, it may be pscale attrib on your colliders

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hi , thanks for the reply, what i did was , i increased my edge length scale bcz i am working on car reveal thing, but my cloth was sticking up with the car , so i increased the edge lenght scale, okk i resolved it, but do u know how to make the cloth non stickable with the object and its too stretchy, i dont want any stretchness in it, i almost tweaked every parameter to get rid of it, but nothing worked for me , this is my hip file , also want to hide my grid plane, so that i can add plane in my another 3d package, like in 3dsmax


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