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RBD constraints from rules


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I made some RBDs some are broken via RBD Material fracture and some I broke with boolean fracture. All have constraints and it looks good (picture a), but when I use a RBD constraints from Rules node the constraints looks crazy (picture b). So the animation looks like the parts are not really free and the broken parts are not flying away but hangs around the area as they would be bound to something. I think it is the matter of constraints. Can anybody give me a hint how to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot!








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I would recommend posting a reduced/simplified example file that demonstrates the problem in order for people to better help you.  It is understandable if you might be reluctant to share assets, etc. but try deleting the majority of your geometry down to a level you are comfortable with sharing or create alternate, simplified geometry that still exhibits the same problem for people to investigate.

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Connect a Null SOP to the Constraints outputs of your nodes and work your way through the network to visualize the constraints you are creating - it appears your center of mass is offset for fractured pieces being fed in, so your RBD Constraints From Rules nodes are connecting to a centroid out in space.  You'll want to go back and ensure the centroids of your fractured geometry are being correctly defined, otherwise the motion when the pieces are being simulated are most likely going to have the wrong motion.


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