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Masking wind velocity in Vellum


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I'm using pyro volume as wind to drive hair in Vellum using Pop Advect By Volume in the forces inside vellum
I've create a ramp along the x axis on the hair and I want to use this ramp to mask the amount of wind on the hair, but I can't find a way to link it
I tried force ramp on the pop advect with vex code to take bbox and create a new gradient there but it didn't work
How can I link the ramp to multiply with the amount of wind? 


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Using the VEXpression in advectByVolume to multiply by an existing attribute does work (confirmed by enabling and disabling VEXpression to see difference), however hair is sitll hair - if you push an end of it, the rest will bend and twist accordingly unless you've adjusted the hair attributes otherwise - modifying the hair bend and stiffness attributes for the behavior rather than just the forces will likely help more in getting what you're after.


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