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Keep kinefx joint from inheriting scale?


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Title says it - is there any way to have a parented joint not inherit the scale of its parent joint? I tried setting scaleinheritance attrib to 4 both before and after the rig pose - no success.

I assume there is a rig vop or wrangle solution. I made a naive attempt of  getting the transforms, extracting the scale and replacing it with scale from an inverted transform but that didn't work either.

Any ideas?

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yes, that works (setting it for every joint/point)  , but you if you set scaleinheritance to 4 for only children of the joint and not the joint being scaled, ( so that the other points have scaleinheritance set to 0) it seems to have no effect. Or even if only the first joint is set to 4.

I was trying to have the scale inherited at the beginning of the chain but not inherited farther down the chain. So it looks like scaleinheritance wont allow me to do that?






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Upshot is just setting scaleinheritance to 1 for the entire chain works for me, only individual joints scale and none of their children. Thanks Matt for getting me off the path of trying to set it for separate points (which seems to render the scaleinheritance attrib ineffective?).

For context attached a scaled down version of what I'm doing - a stretchable spline IK body with a not-stretched head - to at least add to the kinefex examples on the forum. 



I still have to do a little extra work if I want to scale all of the joints of the body with a single parameter- I guess a separate rigpose for scaling with the scale parameters linked and then a skeletonblend? Although setting scaleinheritance to 1 on the chain works on this I suppose there are scenarios where you would want to have inheritance behavior vary down the chain ... possibly breaking up the chain and using the parent constraint vop later?.. I am just getting into the rig vops, tho :rolleyes:


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Nice one!

Rig vops take a bit of getting used to. It has 2 modes, standard all-things-in-parallel mode like existing wrangles/vops, but also a more selective mode which is closer to the network editor in maya or xpresso in c4d. It has its own tool state and way of working, but lets you be very specific about this joint affects that joint, or that chain of joints.

Only started scratching the surface myself, bit of info here:


And Brundlethwaite on youtube is doing a good job of exploring this new vops context:



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