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Setting the start frame of the vellum solver


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I am trying to do a simulation using vellum solver.
My Houdini indie is ver18 and there is a parameter in the vellum solver that allows me to adjust the start frame.
My Houdini indie is version 18, so there is a parameter in the vellum solver to adjust the start frame, but the Houdini indie we use at work is version 17, so there is no such parameter.

Does anyone know how to adjust the start frame in the Houdini Ver17 vellum solver?

I'm attaching a picture for reference.Houdini_ver17.thumb.PNG.4e0af6e6b829c4d22d108910e20f81fa.PNGHoudini_ver18.thumb.PNG.9b200cdf15c1041583928fe65a23c226.PNG


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You can probably do this by right-clicking the "vellum solver" node and selecting "Allow Editing of Contents", then double-clicking the "Vellum Solver" node to dive into it. Once inside just select the dopnet there and change the "start frame" parameter on it and you should be good.

You could of course also make your own parameter on the "Vellum solver" node and bind the "start frame" parameter on the dopnet to the value on the "Vellum solver" node, effectively recreating how it works in Houdini 18.

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