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Houdini Network Rendering

Dr. Gore

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I have never used networking with any 3D software let alone Houdini. I have 3 computers I am able to use. Could I use a wireless router to control the computers. Do you have to use the same os, drivers, and graphic card on all the computers to get it to work or is this even possible. 2nd question how can I get rid of the popping or the black frames that are rendered out when rendering through mantra.

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Network rendering is disabled in Apprentice editions of Houdini. So I guess you can't take the work files from apprentice to a full Houdini because it will turn the full Houdini into apprentice. Why did they disable network rendering in apprentice it already renders at 640x480 and with Houdini Sidefx logo. How could I make this work.

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