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vrorigin expression syntax help

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I've got an embedded HDA where I'm trying to access the rotation values of an object outside the HDA.

I have a string parameter for my object /obj/shot_6/sunlight on the HDA.


If I use vrorigin("","/obj/shot_6/sunlight/")[0] as a test, it returns the x rotation value as expected.

I can't figure out how to incorporate my HDA string chs("../../sunlight") into the expression so it evaluates correctly.

I've tried things like vrorigin("","`chs("../../sunlight")`")[0] which actually resolves to vrorigin("","/obj/shot_6/sunlight")[0] when I middle click it, but that itself doesn't evaluate to the value.

I thought maybe adding an eval() to it would work, but no dice.

Hope this makes sense.


Edit: I was able to work around it in vex with:

matrix m = optransform(chs("../../sunlight"));
matrix3 m_rot = matrix3(m);

v@N *= m_rot;

But it would still be nice to know how to work it in expressions.

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Posted (edited)

Not very familiar with this function but could it be because you are missing a "/" at the end of the path when you use your chs expression?

"/obj/shot_6/sunlight/" vs "/obj/shot_6/sunlight"

If so it should be possible to either just say "`chs("../../sunlight")`"+"/" or by running strcat("`chs("../../sunlight")`","/") to add these two strings together.

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