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Using Incomplete Sequences

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Hello. Im doing a simple compositing project with halo, where I have three image sequences. Those 3 seq are not the same length:

1. 1 - 380

2. 1 - 350

3. 290 - 350

The complete animation is 380 frames. I want to extend one shorter seq to match the complete one and to completely ignore the other short seq until frame 290. I managed to extend it only by duplicating the files on disk, and to ignore the 290-350 sequence by using the scoping tab.

I don't want to duplicate the files, and I tried to use the Switch COP based on the frame number, but it gave me an error - "One of the inputs could not be evaluated".

Is there any better way to do this?

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I haven't tried but I thought the Extend COP had detailed options controlling the behaviour?

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