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Vellum sim with stitch ok but fail with weld.


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I have an object kind of balloon, that must explode at the end, after some pressure variations.
I have a simple set-up that works when I use a stitch constraint.
But when I try to use a weld constraint the behaviour get weird.

It's like the one of the constraint primitive is lost.
I've checked everything I can, but it seem not.
I don't understand what's going on, or what i'm doing wrong.

Any idea ?

Here is the file (just preliminar test), if someone want to take a look.

Thank in advance.



Vellum Pollen_xplode.JPG

Vellum Pollen_xplode.hipnc

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I've reviewed my vellum basics with some tutorials, but there's nothing to do.
These stitch and weld stuff drive me nuts.

Things are very unstable. Sometime I get things to work, sometime not, and I don't know Why.
Obviously in my reel setup it don't work.

In the exemple below there is three basic identical set-up.
The three balls should be just fall on the ground.
Center and right are stitched sphere. Left is just a weld constraint in place of stitch.

As you can see the right ball behaves pretty much normally.
The one in the middle behave like there is an invisible collider.
And the one on the left (with weld)...  it's just a big mess.
it break but it's not the probleme. Disable breaking don't change anything. Is weld constraint not suited for closed objects ?

Please can someone give me a clue.
For now my best guess is that there is a ghost in my file !

Stitch & weld.hipnc



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Thank it was a good idea. I saw this mastercalss when it was released, but it refresh my memory.

And there is one example that fits perfectly.
So I redid a set-up from the beginning and it works perfectly but...
Once I merge it into my file it behave strangely immediately.

There is defintely a gosht remaining force or collider in this file. It's possible because I did some experiments in this file, which I deleted as I went along.
But what is strange is that even if I recover a part of the set-up through the shelf-tool to avoid merging the file, it's like in this horror film : IT FOLLOW haha

The goog news is that the solution is simple : get ride of that file and rebuild my set-up from scratch, which isn't very complicated.

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