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Time warps and shifts based on texture or noise


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So the idea is to be able to take a piece of animated geometry. Could be some mocap, a simple grid flapping up and down, a growing plant animation.....

I want to apply a time warp. A scaling in playback and it's start and end frames. But I want to do this on a per point basis. Feeding the offsets or time scale by a ramp, a noise texture or an animated sequence.

Any ideas out there.

If you need clarity on the concept, please ask. 

I was looking at bind exporting an offset value with a point vop. That works. Feeding it in to the time warp/ Time shift node is where I'm struggling.

Maybe the wrong way to go about it. Maybe a lerp type thing with blend shapes........

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Hi Andy,

you could resample motion trail curves and assign their interpolated positions coordinates to the mesh points.


The example below speeds up or slows down the motion per piece for better legibility.

int piece = prim(0, 'piece', i@primnum);
int speed = int(ceil(rand(piece) * 16));
int index = int(ceil(@Frame * speed));
int total = primvertexcount(1, i@ptnum);
int pt_curve = primpoint(1, i@ptnum, index % total);
vector pos_pt = point(1, 'P', pt_curve);

v@P = pos_pt;



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