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My deforming VDB is behaving weird

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Hi there,

As you can see on the video attached, my VDB is jumping from being fine to suddenly being almost gone, and then appearing again.
What could be happening? The geometry that has been turned into a VDB has a fixed number of points. It was a curve fed into a revolveSOP, curve has been resampled to a fixed number and then that curve is scaled. Thats why the  number of points is not changing.

I am mentioning this because maybe it matters, but it probably doesn't. I don't know!

If anyone knows how to fix this, that would be awesome!!!


2021-07-08 17-06-31.mkv2021-07-08 17-06-31.mkv

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thanks again for this @ibamobt. your 2nd method produces an interesting result but the VDB is made out of particles, so it gets full of holes as it grows! But it looks rad!
In your first method, you polyfill the shape, so it's closed, and it works.
I forgot to mention that instead of having a closed shape, I want to thicken it so it stays open at the top, but the VDB would work because it is extruded/thickened. 

I am trying to fill this shape with liquid as it grows.


But I am encountering a problem at a certain frame. It stops filling and gets extremely slow. I think this is because the VDB is starting as a closed and hollow shape with the liquid generated inside, then it opens up at the top, and it starts getting weird. 
I have no idea how to fix this, perhaps I should invert the VDB sign at this specific frame, I don't know, it is a bit beyond me.

I also have to thicken as hell my VDB collision geometry, and it doesn't match my initial geo anymore, that sucks, and couldn't find another way around this!

If you have some knowledge in flip sim or anyone else can help, that would be awesome.

I have attached the hip file 




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