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prodedural motion graphic (text) animation

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Still a beginner, although i kind of know my way around now in houdini. The thing i really like to learn better is animation/motion graphics. First challenge is achieving this effect: 


I eventually want to animate multiple objects (any kind of objects, but also text) with a slight offset between them, maybe a little bit of randomness in scale/rotation, etc.

Now i know this is a tutorial, i can just follow along, and i actually did. (a few months ago) However, this is 10 years old and at some point halfway i remember i got stuck because i couldn't find the exact same tools, i guess because things changed over time. i eventually gave up. It also feels very, maybe even overly complex.

now after a few months, i started wondering again on how to approach this and stumbled on the same video. It seems it's the only tutorial in existence when it comes to these kind of text animations. Isn't there a video like this, but something more up to date? Can't this be done in a much simpler way? Or is this still the way to go, and i should just pull myself together?


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If you are interested in motion graphics and you are coming from C4D or Maya (Mash) I highly recommend MOPs is a free open source project from Henry (great guy but do not tell him that) for more complex stuff I would also recommend MOP + but first get the hang of MOPs - below is a link on how to get started and use them. 


or Rohan as well 


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Maybe that's not the right word. I guess i thought that if i can do it without, i would probably have much more satisfied, victorious feeling:P. Just eager to learn houdini. or something like that.

But from the video, the toolset looks amazing. 

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