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Send Email TOP is sending an email for each incoming work item - only need 1 email sent


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I have a this TOP PDG graph that sends an email. (actually the problem is that it sends too many emails)

I'm currently testing it.

So it:

1. does wedge (done)

2. runs a sim (done)

3 send an email (problem here, it sends an email but sends an email for each work item of the sim, in my case it sends me 50 emails!)..

I only need 1 email telling me that all the sim work items have completed.

I also need it to be able to continue down the chain like this, with it only sending 1 email.

So the idea is to have it do the sim, send an email when the sim is all finished, do a render, send an email when the render is all finished, etc.

*I also note that little purple icon on some nodes. What do those mean? I notice the purple icon first appears on the send email top in the chain.


I was reading the documentation and found that send email is intentended to be used after a Wait For All top or at the end of a large network.

So now I'm just trying to find a way to "branch off" and send an email "off to the side" sort of speak.

Also found info on the purple icon:

When a TOP node is dynamic, a purple badge appears on the node.


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