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Stepping issue with Solver SOP

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Hey Houdini Users !
I am currently making a wetmap for my shot and I am having issue with the stepping when using the solver SOP.
I tried increasing the substeps and also putting a Timeblend+Timeshift to interpolate between frames but neither of them seems to be working.
If anyone know how to clear out this stepping and have a smooth trail for the wetmap please enlighten me :)

Attached are the files, one is gif and other is mov.



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Hello DarshMewada,

I cannot say for sure without looking at your file. But, I think you have a problem with extremely fast particles. So as an initial step separate out the particles that are too fast and then use Trail SOP to generate a streak for these particles only. Merge these particles with the original particles and then input them to the wetmap solver.


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