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RBDs constrained to animated mesh


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Hi everyone. I'm struggling to understand constraint networks. Trying to glue constrain some RBDs to an animated mesh imported from Maya (via alembic).

I made a test file, and seem to have kinda, almost managed to set it up - but not quite. The constraints are there, they show up in red, but have no effect. They seem to be recreated with every frame as the animated vertices move.

I would be grateful if anyone could look at my file, or point me to a working example that was made with simplicity in mind. So far, the closest thing i found was Chris Rydalch's Duplo Bear Breakdown: Constraining RBDs to Animation on Vimeo

Thanks in advance.




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I adapted the above mentioned Duplo Bear example to my test scene and managed to get the hard constraint working. No go on the glue constraint yet.

Trying to understand exactly what the required constraint data should look like, points, lines, name attribute, constraint attributes at primitive level, etc..

I will try to simplify things tomorrow, here's my file at this stage if you're interested:  


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