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Is there a way to import Yeti full groom into houdini?


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Hi Magicians,

I'm trying to solve an issue, need to get Yeti grooming on Houdini, but seems Yeti only export guides as curves, not the full grooming.

Tried with the curves as input for houdini grooming guides, but I can't get the exact result so far, so wondering if anybody knows a pipeline for this.

Saw Vray for houdini got a node for importing yeti caches, but I'm on redshift.

Thank you!

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hey, i've just been looking into the same thing. In Maya Yeti menu, there is "Abc to Unreal" option (or something with a similar name, i don't have it in front of me now). That takes the resulting groom and exports it as alembic curves, which you can then attach to skin geo and deform in houdini. works like a charm. just be careful, it always exports the hair density you see in Maya viewport so make sure the viewport density = render density.

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