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Swap low res RBDs with high res geo when spawning new points as source


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Hi. How do I swap low res RBDs with high res geo, if I am spawning new points every frame as my source points? None of the suggested methods work for me. DOP Import doesn't work, whether I use it as points or as geometry.

I can't use the RBD SOP to specify proxy and high res geo, because that seems to be hardcoded to work only on geo from the first frame.

I do get close with DOP Import set to points, but for some odd reason, the rotation only kicks in after an impact. Before that, all the high res geo point upwards as they fall, with no orientation.

I am using this method to spawn my RBDs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra3V0vPq7qg
Any help would be much appreciated. Ideally I'd like to see how it can be done with the RBD Bullet Solver SOP, rather than creating a separate DOPnet, although that's not unwelcome either.
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