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C Style Vs. C++ Style?


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I wonder what the difference between the "old" C style and "new" C++ style of type casting?

I've tried to do

vector var = (vector)pcfilter...

and vcc said that it can't determine which version to use. If I change the code to

vector var = vector(pcfilter...)...

all is okay. So there is the difference... :huh:

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I wonder what the difference between the "old" C style and "new" C++ style of type casting?


Unlike C++ (but like RenderMan SL), VEX uses the return type as part of the signature. This can create unresolvable type problems

   Cf = random(noise(P));

This code should generate a warning from vcc since it's impossible to figure out whether the noise() function should return a float, vector or vector4.

The C++ style of casting is used to specify the return type explicitly.

   Cf = random( vector(noise(P)) );

The C style of casting is implemented as a type conversion operation.

If you inspect the VEX assembler of the two types of

   Cf = random(  (vector) noise(P));

You'll still get the warning, and you should see that the noise() function generates a floating point value which is then converted to a vector. This is very different than the noise() function generating a vector result by itself.

However, since the C++ type-casting style is used for explicit return code specification, it can't really be used for casting one type to another. You have to use the C style.

	int	ival = (int)(s*4.0);

A very subtle difference, but a potentially important one.

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