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Accessing Camera Attributes In VEX [SOLVED]

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How would I go about accessing specific camera attributes in VEX?

I have a subnetwork with a camera operator path input field. Inside that subnetwork I'd like to access camera attributes from whichever camera is in that operator path field.


I'm unfamiliar with these types of attributes, as they are not point or primitive attributes.

Inside the subnetwork I have a wrangle set to run over detail attributes, which I can access the camera focus by using the regular copy / paste relative reference method, but this doesn't use the operator path input field back up on the subnetwork itself. Kind of confused as to how I would go about this. I have a feeling I'm messing something up to do with mixing string / float attributes?


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Hi sorry for the late reply! I didn't get the notification someone had replied.

Thank you, good to know this is a way to access those attributes in VEX, although I'm trying to make an HDA, so would like the user to be able to select their own camera.

How could I then go about linking that camera selection to this focallen attribute you have created?

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