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Cull Particles by Pscale that Intersect Along Ray to Camera

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I have a scene with a lot of particles that I am trying to optimize. I've already culled the particles outside of the camera, but I want to get rid of the ones that aren't seen by the camera's rays (the shape is blobby, so I can't just use the z position).

What I'm trying to do is take into account the pscale and delete the particles that are hidden behind others.
I have a basic working solution in sops via a for each, but it's painfully slow. I want to try and do this with vex. The end result would need to work on millions of particles.

The basic steps I thought of are:

1- find direction to cam 
2- ray particles to cam (rayline) 
3- find neighbors along the rayline
4- use pscale to determine if this intersects with neighbors' pscale
5- if it intersects multiple times, remove the original point

I've attached a file for what I used in sops. If anyone has any ideas on how to make it faster or a way to get it working with vex it would mean the world to me. I assume it would be with the intersect() function, but I'm not very familiar with it.



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