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Involute gears.

There are probably easier ways to get gear models but hey. Spur and helix only because if I have to look at more math I only barely grasp I'll cry. I'll maybe come back for bevel/hypoid/planetary/worm some other time.

I'm a hobbyist and this marks the first time I've shared anything with anyone so... my horn, toot, etc. Not blackboxed or anything if you want to have a gander.




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Curve bundles. If anyone has pro-tips on how to realize Imageworks' version I would really love to hear it!

I wanted to try building bundles of non-intersecting curves like the Mimics from Edge of Tomorrow. Kind of hacky since I couldn't replicate their approach, and now I've written myself into a corner. I wanted to integrate KineFX but I'm not up to it yet, so the whole bundle is driven by a curve deform. Couldn't find anything similar so dropping it here.

Sony Imageworks presentation on how they built the mimics:





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@Dweeble Thank you for sharing knowledge :wub:
Some investigation resource maybe gonna be useful for you  !!!! :rolleyes:

On Born digital web site you have Asian Book ( book its from 2017-Vex -Sop with files)  that have very nice method on doing exactly that motion.

Than on GitHub you have wonderful otl for Kinefx from Abrakadabra Studio .
On Vimeo you have file and video
I would do that motion with wire-solver and chops  ..because its more like "crazy octopus"  some see-creature motion...I think..

or just wait on H19 it gonna have some nice ex in Help section(kineFX and vellum) for making very interesting stuff. I know 100% :rolleyes:

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