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TriPlanar Shader for Mantra


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Hi all!

When I create or download assets for outside set dressing (rocks and stuff) I often wished that Houdini had a decent tri-planar mapping shader. I'm used to it from game engines and it is so convenient not having to create UVs for this type of geo!

I like to use volumetric modeling in Houdini for such assets and it can be quite a PITA to create UVs for geometry like that (good UVs that is, that also work in closeups with no seams and no stretching!).

With tri-planar mapping you don't need no UVs  – just slap the textures on and you're good. Of course it has its limits, but still.

So as the built-in tri-planar node in Houdini is quite a pain to use and most of all does not work for normal maps, I decided to create my own. With this Mantra shader I can tri-planar map all needed textures (diffuse, normals, roughness, displacement) at once. And I added a decal mapper as a bonus, to be able to add some details here and there.

If anyone's interested, it's free:

Description, Download & Video page:
https://deepwell.at/pages/triplanar/ [deepwell.at]

Direct link to video:
https://vimeo.com/637772787 [vimeo.com]

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