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is automate process of 2d drawing into basic 3d possible?


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Hello, I'm looking to automate process of creating 3d geometry based on 2d colored drawing. I have to create a lot of 3d models based on 2d drawings. So far I was using ZBRUSH and sculpting manually but I might have to do hundreds of those, decimate them to 3000 points and export to .gltf and .glb formats. I would like to automate all this process. Is it possible with Houdini? I did some digging and using trace got some results but it's far away from what I would need. I need it more close to what I can create in zbrush. Question to specialist here (I'm total Houdini noob so ....) would it be possible to get results closer to Zbrush models with some automated process in Houdini?

Example of 2d drawing: XaO8BCB.jpeg


My Zbrush model: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tif74wk7ltfsjyx/01-4.mpg?dl=0

Houdini automated geo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e5ay4hkq6yap8fg/houdini.mp4?dl=0

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I see your Houdini geo is from here, it seems that what you want is a larger piece of geometry, perhaps with more concave detail? You can try to scale up the values you used on one axis to widen the model, but concave detail is hard to achieve from a single image since there can be quite a lot of ambiguity. You can try to convert VDB and use subtraction of another VDB shape to create negative areas like the inside of the "mouth", then converting back to poly and remeshing to your desired polycount.

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