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I'm trying to get a point deform sop to deform hi-res hairs by simulating lo-res hairs and using the point deform sop however the piece attribute is not working as expected. 
If I have a point id attribute on the curves, the deformation doesn't work at all. 

In the first image, I am deforming only 1 lo-res curve by using the id attribute as a mask. 

The second image is the resulting hi-res curves supposedly deformed by the point vop.

I've noticed if I don't use the id attribute, the curves will deform properly however I need the piece attribute functionality since the hairs will be overlapping one another. 

Any ideas?




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the problem is here, which is not obvious of course, that the point deformer is using the "id" attribute internally. If this attribute exists, it is capturing the id and not the point number. To avoid this, use something else as name (class for example). If you need the id somewhere else, you can temporary create/delete it.


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@ThisIsDolan thanks for the tip! But the goal here is essentially to deform the hi res hairs that have fine details from a lower res version of those same hairs, while retaining the id attribute. We need lower res curves for simulating since vellum acts veerrry differently when you change the resolution of the curves. 

@Aizatulin aw heck yes thank you!! 10/10 would ask advice again


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