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Vellum Grains Issue - restless grains

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Hello friends,

I have a issue with vellum grains. The simulation itself works well, but not with geo.

The substeps are on 15.

I copied the geo with copy to points. When I use spheres as geo, I dont have any problems, but with other geo the grains are still restless. You see it in the attached video.

Can anybody help me please?



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This is because of the orientation of your points (in this case, your normal attribute N). One way is to override the N attribute after the simulation with a point wrangler with this : 

v@N = (0,1,0);

But you'll not get any rotation on your copied geo. If you want rotation, you should use rbd and a very low proxy of the copied geo as source. Also, 15 substeps is way too much. Try increasing constraint iteration to something like 1000 before increasing substeps. 

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