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vellum breaking threshold in prior HOU versions

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The breaking threshold in a vellum stitch constraint (and/or in a vellumconstraint property inside the vellum solver) is in the same "range" as in prior versions, is it?
I do an older tutorial (v.17.5) in v.19 and i.e. in there the breaking threshold is set to 1 while in my version I have to pump it up to 150.
The dimensions of the objects are the same in the tutorial and in my file. Does anyone knows if SFX has changed the "scaling" in some Attributes accordingly to prior versions? Or something similar...

And in some vellum contstraints the @stress in the geoetrySpreadsheet is much higher than the breaking threshold and they still dont break (same in the vellum constraint  sop -> break and (see above) in a constraint property inside the vellum solver).
Why is that?

Any suggestions?



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