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konstantin magnus

Cabling mesh surfaces / Hanging wires

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An experimental setup for cabling objects by marching through an SDF.
Probably overkill, but the starting points lift off, try to move straight to their targets while softly avoiding obstacles and then land when they get close.

cabling.jpg.e159d636b22b40f584e81fcb84090d39.jpg cables.jpg.0a176815900480d3ac53f5cbc5034dff.jpg


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Some nice lines of VEX, i like the :)

int pt_target = (i@ptnum + 1) % (i@numpt - 1)


I built different method myself, I don't think your is overkilled, but need more option like avoid targeting the same obj.

What I build before are

  1. ** Well like most people shortest path with point from volume and getting rid of the points once one path has been completed by a "cable/roots..".
  2. **  Other system is scatter on the first geo only , then minpos on second geo, then slide the points of surface randomly , detangle before going to vellum, use rest lenght for vellum slightly above
  3. **- Use samplesphere function to build a cone to ray the points randomly on the target geo, delete the point which are not hit or have touched the origin mesh.


Building design rules to identify proper areas to place the start and termination are more tricky. Off course, we could know a couple of things, but how to you know if the piece procedurally considered is more square, round, a long shape or a weird elongated shape which will be hardly suitable for most ... Do you see what I mean Konstantin?

@konstantin magnus

Maybe IA might give you an help...



Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
Senior Env and Lighting  artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts



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