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Houdini is the best for all procedurals!

It's also very good for PRMan scen preparing.

But for modeling and animation I and my team prefer Softimage (both SI|3D and XSI).

Does anybody know some tools for transfer project data between this packages?

If somebody working on it and need assistance - e-mail me!

Arcady, renderfox@hotmail.com

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It depends on what you want to transfer. Animation data is possible.

Raw fcurves from XSI -> import using a file CHOP.

Personally, I feel the main problem is the lack of data export from XSI/3D. Maybe I'm wrong about XSI, haven't used it much but have you tried to export explicit transformation data from 3D?

It's a real pain in the a$$. <_<

Also, getting data into 3D is as painful. :rolleyes:

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