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What does primitive in "primitive type" actually do?

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Newbie question here, when I create a sphere, there's different primitive types to choose from. The ones I'm most familiar with are the polygon and polygon mesh ones (coming from Blender). However, I'm a bit confused by what the primitive option stands for. It has 1 primitive, 1 vertex and 1 point. Yet, from the viewport, a primitive sphere appears to have 8 curved faces. Can someone help explain this? Thank you. 

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Think of it like a big particle; it just stores position and radius, the surface itself is defined by those attributes rather than by surface triangles.

Houdini has several primitives types like this, as a broad rule they're not used much, often you'll convert them to more familiar polygon based representations, but they're handy to have around.

More info: https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Points_and_Verts_and_Prims


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