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how to connect skin in houdini rigging

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hi all,

i'm pretty new to houdini and trying to setup rigging for human model in houdini.

i have watched and tried all the video from sidefx rigging page (link down below) and noticed that what they have done is rigging with un-connected body model.


looks like that there's way to capture weight or skinning with painting method using kinefx, does it work with the result of this tutorial? or is it totally different thing?

as a final result, i would like to animate human model without using any motioncapture (just like what we do with animation in maya).

if you could help me out with link or idea for the rigging in houdini, and hopefully if i could use the finished rigging data from the tutorial above would be really helpful.

i'm thinking that i just need to connect geometry together and adjust skinning but this is making me stop for a month....

thank you in advance.


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Parker Coleman has been doing some useful tutorials on Kinefx. So has someone named Brundlethwaite.



But I'll say if you are new to Houdini, I'm not sure I'd recommend using it for keyframed character animation. Personally I think kinefx is exciting and is a welcome change to how to think about rigging. But it's still in the early stages and SideFX has concentrated initially on the motion capture workflow. You can build rigs and animated by hand, but it's not very intuitive yet and takes some deeper knowledge of how Houdini works to get it to work properly. Plus, since it's new so as you have probably found out, there's not a ton of great tutorials. There's the two above, Jeff Wagner did a good masterclass and Rok Andic has been doing some good tutorials.

Good luck.


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hi madebygeoff, thanks for your comment really appreciate it.

right, things you mentioned are definitely what i'm facing right now, but those info that you shared really help me a lot.

i will go through brundlethwaite, thank you so much!

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