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divide/split curve from intersection point?

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If a single curve intersects with itself, I need to divide/split it from where it intersects with carve sop.

When I manually enter the value of "sourceprimuv"(intersectionanalysis) to carve FirstU , seems ok.(I don't know how to use attributes procedurally)

1- How do I automatically bind the sourceprimuv value to the carve firstu value?
2- How can I divide/split a single curve if it intersects itself at more than one point?

file in attachment.

Thanks in advance.



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you can use a list/array for example to store all u-values. Now you can pick any pair of u-values from this list and create detail attributes (u0 and u1 for example) and call them in the carve node.


@edit: you can also interpolate inbetween points.



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