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Pyro Render Passes


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Hey. I am facing a issue with the render passes i get from the pyro shader. As seen in the GIF after i shuffle all the passes and put them back together the result is slightly different. I have my smoke(density) pass, the scatter pass and the fire pass. But when I put them back together it's slightly off. Slight off means as soon as i add the scatter pass it introduces some sort of noise. I am not sure what's going on. What could be wrong? Doing the add operation on the layer. That's what i usually use when putting passes back together so don't think theres an issue there.



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Just now, davpe said:

ok is the scatter layer by itself noisy when u look at it alone? or does it only happen after you put them together?

It is noisy when looking at it alone. You can see it in the GIF. I go through each pass. It is noisy alone. And it adds that noise when all the passes are put together. But the original beauty pass does not have that noise.

I will share the EXR file. If possible only take a look.

What my goal is to separate the passes scatter, fire, smoke etc and tweak them a bit and put them back together. Mainly the scatter pass is what i want to tweak.


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