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Cryptomatte Node doesn't allow selection


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I have rendered a cryptomatte sequence.
I import the sequence with a file node, I can see the different coloured mattes.
I connect that to a cryptomatte node so that I can choose different mattes.
With the Cryptomatte node active Left clicking on layer within the composite view does not add it to the matte selection.
What could I be doing wrong?

Is there a way to check if cryptomatte data is missing something?, surely If I can see the sequence and different coloured mattes its fine?


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Sorry.. 18.0.46 FX
I rendered the cryptomattes using a mantra out node.
I think I may of discovered what the problem is.
I tried re-rendering the cryptomattes with the lights OFF to make them render quickly. Even though the mattes were visible it appears maybe the mettadata was missing. A quick re-render of a single frame with the lights ON and the mettadata came back.
Rendering the entire sequence now with lights on.

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