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unpack blendshapes and pack agin

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Trying to unpack blendshape and do simple transform on all blendshapes thesame time and pack agin. blendshape_channel name is in primitve not on detail. Have id the points before because all primitive empty after unpack.

Is there a smart way to do this?


also looking for a sop pipe where unpacking and looping through blendshape and do individual adjustment?

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has many examples for other that looking for kinnefx stuff and clever vex examples.

Attrib promote sop can copy the primitiv blend channels to Detail with Array of all.

pack inject sop repacks the hole bunch again, but it repacks every point from basemodell on every blendshape again not like the original that have varied points per blendshape, but there are son options on pack inject sop that i havent figured out yet that maybe solve this.


anyway in the end it need some loop extraction/injecting for individual adjustment of blendshape.


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