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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I have a pre-fractured tree and before porting the parts into dop I pack them all. Even though I check on transfer all attributes included UV My UV after getting packed got meshed up I can use an attribute transfer to bring it back but i dont understand the reason why it happened Is there something I overlooked or is it just the way it is? Thank for reading this ASk_PackedObj_UV.hipnc
  2. Trying to unpack blendshape and do simple transform on all blendshapes thesame time and pack agin. blendshape_channel name is in primitve not on detail. Have id the points before because all primitive empty after unpack. Is there a smart way to do this? also looking for a sop pipe where unpacking and looping through blendshape and do individual adjustment?
  3. Hello I'm doing a RBD (bullet) sim with custom concave geo (proxies) that I pack my self using assemble. I use a scatter and copy to points to set up my inital state, run the sim. I use a dopimport, and I would like to fetch the hi rez geo. Tutorials show that if I had the high rez geo scattered the same way I could plug it and it would work straight away. However I would like, with only my points, to retrieve the high rez geo. I thought I would use a foreach and apply primintrinsics or transformpieces or even a copytopoints as seen in some tutorials like here but nothign works, my scales and pivots don't seem to work. To give you an idea of what my network looks like before the dopnet: I cross posted on Sidefx forums but it wasn't published sorry for the crosspost. If you have any info on this I'm very interested.
  4. OK, I have a crowd. I'd like to define a 2D bounding box for each agent from a given camera using the toNDC. I've unpacked the crowd, defined each vertex screenspace position, and now I'd like to put the minimum and maximum values back to the original crowd. I thought some kind of relation between to packed and the unpacked crowd, is it possible?
  5. Hi, apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find an answer. I've done a crowd simulation in Houdini but now need to export to alembic so I can bring it into C4D as a necessity due to my company's pipeline. I've unpacked the agent primitives and had to run through a polyreduce node to create a sensible alembic, but I've lost all the UVs along the way. I'm pretty new to Houdini, please could I have some guidance on how I can export the alembic with the original UVs please? Many thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, What is the difference between the "pack" and the "repack" sop ? and why should I use a "repack" instead of a "pack" sop and vice versa? Cheers Ber
  7. Unpack Alembic

    I've imported an alembic from Maya into Houdini and was initially confused that it had only 1 point/primitive/vertex. So i've just been reading about packed primitives and a lot of it makes sense, however when I unpack my alembic the an unpack node I get all my points and vertices but I still only have one primitive (and one polygon soup).. How can I access the primitives? Thanks, Mike