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Extremely Weird VDB Meshing after Retime

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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on in my scene that is possibly causing this.

I have a pyro sim that is being fed into a dop network to generate some particles. I then take the particles and create a volume, converted that volume into a polygon mesh. Playing at normal speed it looks pretty good.

However, when I retimed the set up, I started to get some weird flickering, maybe it was already happening at normal speed, but I wasn't really able to notice until I slowed it down 5x. 

From what I can tell, the flickering doesn't happen in the DOP network, when the particles are generated, but it seems to be happening somewhere in the VDB / Polygon mesh. I've attached some videos below.



I've tried adding subdivisions and an attribute blur which seems to have helped a little bit, the flickering was a lot worse before. I was wondering if someone also ran into this issue before and was able to fix it. Thanks!

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Are you retiming before or after generating the vdb surface?

The obvious fix is to make your simulation slower to begin with, or render more frames (increase FPS?). Retime is pretty safe for + or - 50%, going slower is bound to introduce stutter or gaps. Think of it as footage. Extreme retimes may require more frames from your source.

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I am retiming it before generating the VDB surface. My next idea was to actually render it in like 240 FPS or something and slow it down in post. Is this what people usually do to retime something like this?

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