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Trying to recreate a very cool animation from Adam Swaab

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I've been trying to replicate this very cool application from the amazing Adam Swaab, but I have no idea how he made it. I guess it's using the solver and giving rules for each cube, but my level of Houdini/VEX is not that advanced. 

I think it might be using the intersect() function to determine the distance to the other cubes, and then move. But my brain breaks after that, don't know how to proceed.

Any idea of how this might be done?


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This is a fractal structure. The basic unit of this can be thought of as a single cube's edges, with one vertex marked as "empty". Running a loop over all 7 non-empty vertices, identify if a vertex is connected to an "empty" vertex by an edge. If there is more than one vertex that neighbours an empty space, randomly select one of these candidates and swap its "empty" status with the previously empty vertex. Repeat and nest.

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