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Referencing a string array item in a File path


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Hello ODFORCE community! First time around here and I hope you can help me with a rather simple(?) case of referencing an attribute to a node.


So my situation is the following:

I'm trying to feed a number of pre-made curves (from Illustrator) into a File node. In order to do so, I thought I could build a string array in an attribute (detail) wrangle, with the paths to the .ai files, and then extract each file path by feeding a chi() to select each array item. So far so good.


What I've noticed is that File nodes don't store data. Is that correct? I connected the attrib wrangle and I couldn't see any attributes (I tested on other node in case was a coding mistake, but they worked fine). So... that's when I land in this question of how to import data in the file path of a File node (Geometry File is the name).


I attach 3 snapshots. One with the mentioned nodes,a second one with the array (I've only included one file path xD, just testing) and a last one with the error showed in the File node.


I tried adding the "`"



`detail("op:../to_feed", "ref_string", 0)`


"to_feed" is the attribute wrangle

"ref_string" the attribute

"0" as... I'm retriving the the index = 0 of the array? That one I don't have it clear


Anyways, doesn't work : /

Is there a way to make it work? Can I retrieve a non-connected attribute into a File node geo path?



Thanks in advance!




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Here is the fix:

1. The function to retrieve a string detail value is "details()" and not "detail()", as the one I used

2. Either details()/detail() expect a SOP path, so there's no need for the "op:"

This is thanks to Tomas Slancik from the "other forum", but a shout out to him anyways. I drop the solution here too as I can't delete this post thus far and it'll probably be useful having it here too.


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