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Found 16 results

  1. Kohuei Nakama's Effect

    Hey guys, can someone please give me an idea on how create this effect? It's the one on 0:52 and 1:14 with a lot of people "flowing" around Thx
  2. Hi guys, im new to houdini. Im following a tutorial by entagma on how to make a growth sim: https://vimeo.com/197596529 . I exported it as alembic file and imported to cinema4d, and my results look somthing like this: https://imgur.com/a/M1UgW My growth sim for some reason is flickering. I dont have any idea why. Ive included my node structure below just in case Node structure: https://imgur.com/a/mAc5T . Thanks
  3. Hi All, In Houdini 16.5 Alembic rop export, the build hierarchy from attribute behave differently now. In the past, I need to pass a proper hierarchy naming ie: /group1/geo1/geo1Shape and all the transforms will be stored in geo1 and loaded as expected in Maya. Now when I do exactly that, this is the hierarchy I got in Maya: /group1/geo1/geo1_instance1/geo1Shape Where all the transforms are stored in geo1_instance1. In a way it's good to catch any shape nodes that is not exported with its parent transform in path attribute. Is there any way to make the old way work? How do I control the "_instance" naming part in path attribute? I would like to output the hierarchy EXACTLY like how I set it up in the first place. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I tried to edit my DSO path as shown in the HDK guide, but it didn't work properly. Worse, now when I launch Houdini, all my plugins are broken! I've realized I don't need to move my DSO path yet, is there any way to reset the DSO path? This is on Mac OS X. Here is my output from hconfig: hconfig HFS := '/Applications/Houdini/Houdini16.0.671/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/Current/Resources' HOME := '/Users/gfx03' HOUDINI_DESKTOP_DIR := '/Users/gfx03/Desktop' HOUDINI_DSO_ERROR := 2 HOUDINI_DSO_PATH := '/Users/gfx03/HDK/custom' HOUDINI_MENU_PATH := '/Users/gfx03/Library/Application Support/Thinkbox/Deadline10/submitters/HoudiniSubmitter;&' HOUDINI_NO_SPLASH := 1 HOUDINI_OS := 'MacOS' HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH := '/Volumes/tools/houdini/hda;&' HOUDINI_PATH := '/Users/gfx03/Library/Application Support/Thinkbox/Deadline10/submitters/HoudiniSubmitter;&' HOUDINI_TEMP_DIR := '/tmp/houdini_temp' HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR := '/Users/gfx03/Library/Preferences/houdini/16.0' SHELL := '/bin/bash' USER := 'gfx03' and here is my output from hconfig -ap: HOUDINI_DSO_PATH := "/Users/gfx03/HDK/custom" The search path for loading custom plug-ins (Dynamic Shared Objects or Dynamic Link Libraries). Default path: '@/dso_^;@/dso' Where @ is replaced with HOUDINI_PATH and ^ is replaced with macos Directories searched (in order) are: 1) "$HOME/HDK/custom" Any help is much appreciated. Edit: Here is the error output I get on launch from terminal: Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_IPlay.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_MDisplay.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_JPEG.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_Cineon.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_Wave.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_Alias.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_Bitmap.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_SoftImage.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_Targa.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_Vertigo.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_RADIANCE.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_OpenEXR.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_PNG.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_ptex.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_ImageIO.dylib' No matching files found in path Houdini DSO error on 'IMG_IOTable.dylib' No matching files found in path Error "/Applications/Houdini/Houdini16.0.671/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/houdini/FBoptions"[65]: Unknown file format "JPEG" Warning: Bad operator type when binding handles: Sop/filament_advect_pos Warning: Bad operator type when binding handles: Sop/findshortestpath Warning: Bad operator type when binding handles: Sop/shrinkwrap::2.0
  5. colon in path

    I have an object merge inside a sop solver that is inside an rbd sim. The object merge is pointing to the Geometry in the rbd object from the sim. with: ../..:rbdobject/Geometry Why does this work with the colon? why isn't it another forward slash. ../../rbdobject/Geometry I understand that its pointing at the rbd object which is different than the rbdpackedobject node. What does the : signify? thanks
  6. Hey guys, Anybody knows how can I get this effect? maybe with attribute transfer? I tried doing a plane with 10-1, resample, unroll, then tried to deform the body with ray sop and with attribute transfer with no luck. Maybe with particles that flows until touchs the surface and then continue?, I also tried doing a bunch of planes with a cookie sop but I get a mess. I'm also attaching 2 more samples that are similar, I'm more interested in the girl body one, I dont know why but I have the feeling that an attribute transfer may be the way to control at least the face, but im newbie. Thanks!
  7. Grow along specified paths

    Hi there, I'm relatively new to Houdini, but not new to 3d I'm trying to recreate the effect seen here (from 0:40 onwards) where the mesh grows along a set hexagonal path: I've followed Ben Watts' quick tip on Growth Propagation, but was wondering how I'd now get the points to grow along hexagonal paths, instead of just searching with an outwards radius value? Many thanks!
  8. Hey Guys! I have a pretty newbie question about some Python and HDA interaction. So in a nutshell I'm trying to create an HDA with implemented Python script which does the following: 1. I have an Original Geo, which is object merged in my HDA. 2. I select some primitives on my original geo (or on the HDA). 3. After I selected my primitives, with a press of a button on my HDA, the selected primitives will be added to a group's pattern parameter inside my HDA. 4. And of course it would be great if this could work with a relative reference, so if I copy my HDA multiple times it'll update the groups within the correct HDA. I have this code so far: import toolutils viewer = toolutils.sceneViewer() geo = viewer.selectGeometry() s = geo.mergedSelectionString() # How can I make THIS PATH relative reference? n = hou.parm('/obj/Colorzied_Geo_Asset_1/Colorized_GEO/group1/pattern') n.set(s) I put together a pretty simple example file and the hda, which will hopefully help you guys understand what I'm trying to achieve. In case my explanation is a little confusing. selectedPrims_python_problem_v001.hip colorzied_geo_asset.hda Any help or nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Best, Laszlo
  9. I want to export geometry from Houdini using alembic rop output In my Rop Alembic Output SOP I have these settings : - Build Hierarchy From path attribute But it seems like it finds name clashes and is not able to export.. any one knows why? if I unpack (with transfer path attribute) it works fine.. but that means the file size is way bigger. I have attatched a simple scene file packed_alembic_export.hiplc and here is the alembic file ALEMBIC.abc
  10. Hi, Is it possible to change the the preset location to a server location or shared folder. So you can share it with colleagues? I found some on the forum to save them in otl's. But it would be easier to share a folder and direct to it? How is this problem solved in big studio's? Thanks!
  11. particles path circle

    Hi guys! I've made a sim with particles but I would like to keep them rotate in circle for some seconds and then use their inherit velocity. how i can keep them rotating? i've been trying to add angular velocity with cos ($T * 180) ty = sin ($T * 180) this expression, but doesnt seem to work. any suggestions? thanks!
  12. Just wanted to let you guys know, SideFX and Pluralsight have developed a new "Skill Path" on the Pluralsight platform. There's a specific list of courses for getting started and a test that helps you find out where you should start in the list if you already know some Houdini stuff but want to get better in certain areas. Check it out here: www.pluralsight.com/sidefx And there is a new course about designing VEX driven digital assets too: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/houdini-designing-vex-driven-digital-assets It's a course by Jonathan Granskog... I met him at FMX this year, super smart guy and a great course. Check it out if you get the chance. -- Cheers!
  13. Hello, I am not sure it is a proper subforum, but... I have this situation: I modelled a path using curves and sweep SOP. The curve is resampled with even segments, thus my path have them as well. The polys making my path are more or less rectangular. Next, I assign UVs to the path using UVTexture (Rows and Columns setting). Now, I want to know hot to do several things: 1. Have each rectangular segment of my path take up all UV space. 2. Have each rectangular segment of my path take one UV space, assigned by primitive number. 3. Have a UVs looking like a strip of rectangles, with my path segments falling to one of those strip parts based on a rule (like rand($PR)) Now, how to achieve that? Thank you
  14. I'm building a crowd simulation system by creating custom VEX operators being cooked in a SOP simulation. Along with implementing basic behaviours(arrive,separation,cohesion,alignment,obstacle-avoidance,wander,leader following etc.) by manipulating point positions being accessed from the amazing Houdini point cloud feature, I'm working on a path-following behaviour. I'd like the user to be able to define his own path, a curve rather(as I'm using a curve to define a path), is there anyway I can make my digital asset user-driven, wherein the user can have an option to simply draw up the curve on the grid? If I found nothing, I would let the user load up an image file with a path drawn on it, and let that form the path to be followed, but I'd have to somehow scatter points(after tracing it) in such a way that they form path-like connected line-segments(even if they might not be curves, it'll still work if I can simply get to access the points forming the line-segments of the path). But I'm sure someone can come up with a far better solution than that, really looking forward to it! (It's eating the insides of my brain now!!) Thanks! Cheers
  15. Follow Path in SOPs with Speed Mask

    Hi everyone, I am building the effect of a waterdrop running on a vertical surface (bottle or whatever). I have curve as path and we raySOP I project it to the surface. Using a portion of the curve to running from the top to the bottom but what I want to be able to animate the speed, or even better using the speed mask based on surfaces normals at Y. In the attached hip I have a test-setup with a vertical surface with noise and speed mask on its color. Wherever is black drop should travel faster and wherever is white slower. I am using two different techniques for the travelling of line with a switch. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! EDIT: What I am using for travelling the line is a duration, let say in 200frames finish the ride, but what I want to have is a constant speed and then be able to multiply this with an attribute as the speed mask. I would like to keep everything in SOPs if possible but I am also considering POPs. speed_mask_800.hip
  16. I am sorry to bring back this zombie question about this topic again I probably read all the posts on internet about the topic and the houdini doc as well, but I am now more confused than before Question A) What I'd like to do is to configure my houdini system path variables in order to follow this priority for OTL scan and scripts too (like 123 ... 456 ... etc): 1) a shot example: d:/projects/supercoolproj/seq1/shot3/otls d:/projects/supercoolproj/seq1/shot3/scripts ... 2) a sequence example: d:/projects/supercoolproj/seq1/otls d:/projects/supercoolproj/seq1/scripts ... 3) a show example: d:/projects/supercoolproj/otls d:/projects/supercoolproj/scripts ... 4) houdini $HOME/houdini12.5/otls $HOME/houdini12.5/scripts $HOME/houdini12.5/.. ... Basically the deeper the directory structure, the higher the override priority with elements with the same file name. Now, so far only the 4) works. My current status is the following: ... I copied and pasted the directories created by houdini at install time in d:/data/Houdini/prefs/houdini12.1 d:/data/Houdini/prefs/houdini12.5 ... and created a system variable HOME pointing to d:/data/Houdini/prefs So far, Houdini can find all the otls i store in $HOME/houdiniXX.X/otls Can someone help me to setup $HOME/houdini12.5/houdini.env to follow the priorities illustrated at the beginning of the message or point me to some documentation that clearly explains it ? p.s. I am on Windows 8 thank you in advance for any possible help on this