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How to use velocity from my sim for anotherone ?


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Hello !

I'm actually Working on a project of underwater Bubbles using the pyrosolver.

I'm using a first sim for creating a velocity field (mixing turbulence and an animated 3dmodel)

and for the second sim i'm creating a smoke that I'want it to be advected by the first one (using the velocity of the first pyro sim)

but I don't find the good way to do that,


this is the vel from the first Sim




and this is the second whant that need to get de vel from the first one.



I don't know how to use the vel from the first sim and if I have to put something in "velocity update" or "advection" .


Any Idea please ?


thanks =)

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You need another volume source, just source velocity, and deactivate all the other fields. Use a merge node and merge it behind the original volume source that you have already got in your scene. Attach it to the same input as your original volume source was attached to (i.e. 4th input in the image above). This new volume source should import data from your first simulation (ideally from the cached data) . 

It's also important your velocity field is in the correct space, etc...but I reckon you already figured that out. 

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