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Curvature VOP in Shading


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I wanted to add a different shader layer for the concave areas of my geo. So i used the curvature VOP. But the issue for me is the values it returns are really sharp. See the images below to get an idea. The first image is the result of the curvature VOP. As you can see it has really sharp edges. I dont want that. I want a smooth falloff. For example look at the second image. It's just a AA noise but it's really smooth. Doesn't have a hard edge between black and white. But with the curvature VOP i dont know how to get that smooth look. It returns values from 0 to 1. So i tried fit ranging, using ramps but still can't figure out a way to make it smooth. The third image is the current WIP render of the geo. As you can see when the curvature layer is used in the final render it looks really bad with sharp edges. I want those black areas to be smooth. Any tips on how smooth it out or a different approach to calculate the curvature values?

Thank You! :)





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Just now, Rence said:

Maybe try creating the curvature attribute in SOPS and then bring it into the shader with a Bind node and read in that attribute :) 

I tried that too. But since it's values are per primitive it doesn't give a good result either. I have to increase the resolution of the geometry much more higher if to get a smooth result from SOPs. But the geo already has a lot of polygons so increasing the number of primitives more is just not a good way I think.

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