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[TOP/PDG] A Python script to get workitem attributes causes an error on ROPGeometry TOP


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Hi There,

I'm trying to grab all attributes on the current work item in TOP and assign them to points in SOP.

I wrote a python script and it works fine in SOP lively but I'm getting an error or crush when I kick off ROP Geometry Output TOP.

I used python approach because I have several attributes to transfer and the attributes can be changed in the future so I'd like to avoid using @xxxx with hardcoded attribute names in SOP.   

It would be great to have some suggestions. Thanks you ~

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Here are my updated simplified hip and script.

import pdg

node = hou.pwd()
geo = node.geometry()

# Setting target attributes
top_node = hou.node("/obj/topnet1/partition_items")
target_work_items = top_node.getPDGNode().workItems
target_attrib_names = target_work_items[0].attribNames()

# Current work item
work_item = pdg.workItem()
attrib_names = work_item.attribNames()

# Make point attributes
for attr in attrib_names:
    if attr in target_attrib_names:
        val = work_item.attribArray(attr)[0]
        geo.addAttrib(hou.attribType.Point, attr, val)

# Set point attribute values    
i = 0
for point in geo.points():
    for attr in attrib_names:
        if attr in target_attrib_names:
            vals = work_item.attribArray(attr)
            if len(vals)>1:
                val = vals[i]
                point.setAttribValue(attr, val)
    i += 1


Hip File : pdg_attributes.zip

I see the error below but I don't see the python node erroring out...

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