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selection and rotation of multiple bones(KineFX) in local space


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How can I select multiple bones(KineFX) and rotate each of them in the local X-axis in a procedural way? What I mean is I can select them in 'rig_pose' manually one by one, but in my case there are several hundred bones to select and rotate. I hope that this could be automated.
Also, another related thing that confuses me: if I select a bone(KineFX) in 'rig_pose' and rotate it in the X-axis in local space, the rotation (in the properties) appears in global space, so instead of(x:30, y:0, z:0) (which will be the same for all of the bones), it is different for each bone. So I have no idea how to automate this as well.

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A little more info on what you are trying to accomplish or a scene file might be helpful. There's quite a few ways to do what you ask depending on the final result. Are you looking to animate lots of bones or orient them for rigging?

You could simply set a group and in a rig wrangle use the rotate or prerotate commands. Again it depends on how you want to rotate the joints.

A screenshot or scene file would help with your last question. If you rotate a bone with a rig pose it usually shows up in the properties window as a local rotation in degrees.

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