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Help fixing the 'explore_variants' and point instancing workflow that returns layer save error

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So it seems the only way to procedurally expand all the variants is using the explore variants LOP. The problem I get when using this is that the file I am exploring variants on which Is brought in using a reference LOP gets an error of not having a save path and it defaults to creating a new usd file for the layer instead of reading the one from the reference LOP. I tried to look inside the network and noticed the reference lop there is what was causing the problems, but it was too complicated for me to fix. I tried just bypassing the reference LOP inside the network which worked but then I get the default prim name "/__variants" set in the python script and I was not able to make any changes to the primName variable without getting invalid null prim error. Please help!


I realize after messing around a bit more that the reference LOP causes the separate USD file to be written out whereas other methods like extracting the variants manually or using a stage manager use write out the same data but inside the final usd layer from the usd rop. So basically I am just wondering how to procedurally get all variant prims to use for point instancing since the explore variants method that is often shown does not appear ideal.

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1 hour ago, mestela said:

I've put in a support ticket for this, I found the same issue. 

In the meantime this trick of using a duplicate lop and a set variant with @prim works. Not 100% procedural (when I tried to drive the duplicate lop via expressions it got fiddly), but not bad. 


Thanks! The thing is the more I looked at it was started thinking that its not a bug but its working how it is meant to, not totally sure but it seems makes sense that the reference would require a save path instead of writing into the main usd but the whole framework is just so confusing i don't really know.

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