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KineFX translating VOPs to wrangles

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So I've been trying to convert a few Rig VOPs I've built to VEX. Partly to see if they run faster and partly just to understand what is happening under the hood. But I'm noticing that if you expose the VEX of a certain VOP, there are a bunch of commands that don't show up in a wrangle. For example: blendtransforms(). There's a blend transforms VOP and if you look at the VEX it uses a blendtransforms() command in VEX, but if you add a wrangle there's not such command. Is there some library I need to add or am I missing something?



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R.click on the blendtransforms node in vops, vex/vop options -> view vex code.

Scan through until you see an include line, there's this:

#include <kinefx.h>

Drop that into your wrangle, you should have blendtransforms() available. 

If you go find that file on disk (it'll be buried in $HFS somewhere), you can see all the functions defined in that include.



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