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Trying to recreate Arishems black hole, looking for guidance


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I have been trying to recreate the black hole effect from the film 'Eternals' for a few weeks now for a thesis project I am doing and I am not really getting close.

This is the effect in question:


Arishem's FInal Judgement

The effect happens at 1:17


My approaches was to create some circles with an animation spinning around the circles driven by the curveu attribute and offset by the 'copynum' attribute I got from the copy and transform node.

I was driving a smoke sim from this and then I used the curveu as a temperature attribute to drive some scattering in the pyro shader.

However this approach has not really gotten me close. I realise its quite a complex effect but any tips on recreating it would be fantastic!

Thank you for reading

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If you were to do it "correctly" you'll want to imitate the gravitational lensing caused by a black hole. Might try looking at this for pointers


Note this probably isn't doable in karma, mantra is the way to go. karma dropped some features in the name of performance, and some of the functions used in this example might have been on the chopping block

If you want to fake it you might want to try blending the curves that go around the sphere into the plane that is perpendicular to the camera. You can get your geometry into camera space with an object merge. There's an option in a menu to put your geometry into the space of another object. Once you've done this you can flatten your geometry into the xy plane which will be perpendicular to the camera.

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