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Set quickmarks via python

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Hey everyone!
Like the title suggests I am trying to find a way to set quickmarks in Houdini via python (or if it is considerably easier to do via hscript I am totally open to doing it there as well).

So far I've come across the "nodegraphview" module with it's "Quickmark", "createQuickMark" and "setQuickMark" functions but that's about as far as I have gotten.
The documentation I've been able to find here is a little bit too sparse for my skill level.
Mostly I am unsure of/confused about what the function wants as its inputs, as it is only listed by variable names with no further description. What does 'net' mean? Or 'bounds', or 'items'?

This is what I have tried so far just to test and see what error messages I got which I hoped could lead me towards what to google for (Yeah the empty string are there just because I have no idea what to put there):

import nodegraphview as view

net = hou.ui.currentPaneTabs()[0]

qmark = view.QuickMark(net, '', '', hou.node('/obj'))

view.setQuickMark(8, qmark)

And this is the error I got:

AttributeError: 'NetworkEditor' object has no attribute 'isSelected'

Has anyone out there done this before and could give me some tips or know of any more in depth documentations about how to use this module and these functions?

Thank you so much for your time!

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