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Macro Soap Bubble/ Foam Liquid Simulation


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First time posting on the forums looking for some help with a simulation I'm running.

So I'm trying to create an effect similar to the ref video here:

The effect is a macro shot of soap bubbles entering frame and sitting on top of a surface with some slight movement at rest. Again nothing has to move through the top surface.

My current Idea and set up is to run a flip sim to get the motion, take points from the sim and pin some vellum sphere objects to some of those points at their center to get the soft bubbles "layer"
then do some vdb combining of the vellum objects and the base fluid.

Am I going down the right lines or is there a better way to mix flip and vellum together?

Any input is very welcome along with any tests for similar problems people have faced.

Also If this isn't in the right place let me know to move the thread!

Can post my hip up if it helps.

Thanks in advance!


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