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how to use REDSHIFT_PATHOVERRIDE_FILE to override proxy path

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we're working on a project where I cache a proxy of geo, do my pops sims, and call the proxy from disk at rendering time using the "instance file" attribute per point. works great.


However, the whole scene needs to be Archived to a redshift "Scene Proxy" and sent over to another artist who has different named drives. it works great when rendering from my end, but when the other artist using Maya imports the "Scene proxy" which calls the "Geo proxy" from Drive and it fails to load because it isn't the same path. in the Docs, it mentions using the REDSHIFT_PATHOVERRIDE_FILE can be used. I was hoping it would be like in obj level the override user data tick box to override that proxy path, like the "Material Override list". But it isn't the case.


the Doc states


So, for example, if the environment variable is set to


REDSHIFT_PATHOVERRIDE_FILE = C:\mypathoverrides.txt


... the file mypathoverrides.txt could contain the following, which helps to map from a local folder to some shared network location


"C:\MyTextures" "\MYSERVER01\Textures"




How do I Implement it in Houdini and in Maya?



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