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Extrude points along Curve

Ronald Ruiz

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Hi! I wanted to know if there is a way to extrude points to generate curves from that extrusion, I was surprised that the Extrude SOP didn't accepted that kind of operation.

I had a workaround for doing this using the "Copy to points" SOP to copy the input points (the ones that will sweep trough the target curve) to each point of the target curve and orient them via "orient" attrib also I had to define an "id" attrib" for each point so then I'll connect them with the "Add" SOP.

Anyone has better ideas to tackle this? Thanks!

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Thank! Didn't know about the "orient alogn curve" SOP, so useful. For this to work I had to connect the "cross Section" points with an "Add" SOP, but they were correctly connected through the Curve with "Columns" activated. Thanks Again!

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